Cousins by Blood, but Friends at Heart

I am so blessed because the closest cousin to my age moved to Seattle about 5 years ago. Up until then we got to see each other about once every 2 years. We have many memories growing up together –birthday parties, lightning bugs, amusement parks, shopping shopping and shopping as well as sleepovers and of course Amy Grant! LOL! Anyways, 3 years ago, my lovely cousin got married and I was fortunate enough to photograph their wedding. She has had many challenges to overcome in the past year…her husband being laid off to a high risk pregnancy and in January her husband being diagnosed with Multiple Melanoma (a treatable kind of cancer, luckily). In May, we went down for a few days to take some wonderful maternity pics in their quaint little town of Edmonds –like Fort Langley but by the ocean. Love love love it! It was my pleasure to go down to Seattle to photograph her new baby boy and I was enthralled by him. What beautiful natural light in their home. Congratulations on your blessing!

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