"The Contest"

to see who could have the best birthday party–is on! (Just kidding) Actually it’s a pretty cool idea that I suggested to my secretary about 6 months ago when her eldest daughter turned 16.  Since it was the only day that week that it torrentially down poured, we headed to the mall parkade!  We loved the circles, the staircases and the cement.  Then we decided to go into the mall. I’m not sure if it is kosher or not, but we asked a few and took a few shots in front of and in some of the store fronts.  SO FUN!  A couple customers asked what we were doing and if it was a “contest”  to which I replied, “No, it’s a birthday!”

The birthday girl:

Herself and her party guests:
Let the posing begin:
I love how the downpour of rain gives texture to this photo:
My group fav of the day:
The window idea begins:
(We asked permission to go in here because there were no mannikins, just jeans-perfect!)
Can you see the difference?  No, I can’t see the difference.  There is no difference!
Thanks girls for being such lovely models!  
Happy Birthday S!
To view the online gallery click here. Password is the birthday girl’s name.
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